cmteer asked: Love the blog. So damn sexy!

Thank you! :) xx

prnxprt asked: I love u guys

Thanks!! Xx

devon201991 asked: Wow wee your blog is awesome and your pussy is amazing I'd love to have it right now ;)

Thanks :) xx

ivaginails asked: You have such sexy hands with a stunning nail color just like your all body.

Thanks you so much! I’m a girly girl ;) xxx

hollywood1399 asked: Do you 2 have any aspirations of having a three way bbg or ggb and would you post pics..

We have both spoken about it before but haven’t found the right person!! It depends if the third would be into the pics ;) xxx

hollywood1399 asked: I just want to say you made me come 3 times since I started following you and that was only 1 hr ago... Lol can you make a video of you rubbing your pussy and talking really dirty and coming... With the camera on the bed facing u

I wouldn’t film anything like that just now but I’m glad you like our blog ;) xxx

omgboredhousewife69-deactivated asked: love your blog xx

Thanks so much :) your pussy looks loads of fun xxx

Does anyone want to give us a shout out? We are only 13 followers away from 1000!! I’m sure it will give us a reason to get posting some more of our fun ;) xxx


eu receberia com o maior prazer!


eu receberia com o maior prazer!

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Anonymous asked: iv been on Tumblr for ages, and iv never commented on anything, i don't even have an account, but damn your blog got me going.... :Q___ i might sign up just to follow you :p

sign up and get posting!! xx